FTMA Tech Talk – Ed.7

SAGGING TRUSSES – MYTHS UNCOVERED A common site issue comes from the builder complaining that “trusses are sagging”. However, more often than not, the issues can be traced back to incorrect...

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Stats & Facts with Tim Woods

House Prices are Falling – And the Size of Loans Prove It   The total number of housing loans fell in September – but for the usually stable owner-occupier loans, the falls were quite steep....

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FTMA Welcomes New Members

Nikita and I recently undertook a Western Victoria and South Australia road trip where we managed to meet most plants in the region. These road trips provide me with the opportunity to meet our...

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Biz Buzz – Training Matters

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about the two managers talking about training their employees. The first asks, “Yeah, but what if we train them, and they just leave?” The second...

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No Stopping Pete!

Thank you to everyone who inquired about my health while I was in hospital. It’s very humbling to know so many people I have worked with were concerned. It’s been a very long 3+ months...

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SOLD – Owen Auto Bench

SOLD FTMA Australia Victorian Member, Alpine Truss Pty Ltd has the following item for sale Owen Auto Bench OFFERS AROUND $20,000 CONSIDERED If interested please contact Alpine Truss Pty Ltd on (03)...

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FTMA Tech Talk – Ed.6

SHARPEN YOUR AXE BEFORE CUTTING DOWN THE TREE The key to success of any construction project is preparation. Making sure to consider the full breadth of detail requirements prior to erecting the...

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