FTMA Tech Talk – Ed.3

MANAGING RISKS WITH HIGHLY REACTIVE SOILS Heaving slabs have caused grief for many homeowners who bought new homes built over highly reactive clay sites. Previously avoided, these locations are...

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Biz Buzz – Australian Standards

As Timber Systems Estimators and Designers, we rely on the engineering software to do it all for us, but there are a number of times that we really don’t need to fire up the computer and information...

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Relationships & Growth

How Timberlink Can Help Your Business Fulfil Its Potential To become a leader in your field takes a number of key attributes, hard work, dedication, knowledge and the ability to adapt and innovate...

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Standing By Your Contracts

“I do”, they did, she said, he said, it’s over, ouch that’s expensive! No, I’m not giving marriage advice. My involvement with contracts has ranged from 100 plus page contracts to verbal contracts,...

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Spam or Not Spam

Recently FTMA Members received an email from a company claiming we had shared our 2018 Marketing Database with them and offering a range of shonky services.  Firstly, FTMA Australia does not share...

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FTMA Tech Talk – Ed.2

TAKING IT TO THE TOP WITH PARAPET DESIGNS Instead of finishing the roof lines with hip ends and eave overhangs, extending the wall to form a parapet may seem like a small detail, but it can make a...

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