Industrial Relations & WHS Support:

FTMA has created a wide range of Industrial Relations & WHS Fact Sheets for members to be used as a quick guide.   

FTMA with it’s Industrial Relations & WHS Preferred Supplier, Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA) will continue to provide policies and materials to assist members in this all too important field.

The team at TTIA also provides expert WHS, Industrial relations andLegal Support for all FTMA Members at a reduced special rate.

FTMA wants members to use FTMA as its first port of call and if we don’t know the answer, we will find the right place for you to call and get back to you.

Let us know the services you want to see created.

Conditions of Employment­:

It is important that all FTMA Members employ people under the right conditions.  To ensure members are aware of their responsibilities with regards to the Timber Industry Award, in conjunction with IR experts we have developed a Conditions of Employment template which members can put on their own letterhead and adapt to suit their companies needs ensuring both you and employees are covered.

Insurance Benefits:

AB Phillips – an FTMA Silver sponsor has a range of Timber Risk & Insurance Services for FTMA Members. 

The team at AB Phillips live and breathe timber and are there to help your business with all your insurance needs.

AdviceLine is a service also provided by AB Phillips for members with the goal to reduce the costs of Workers Compensation for their clients by providing a free call number where you can seek professional advice on Worksafe issues.

AB Phillips also provides a competitively affordable Debtors Insurance package for members and provides your business with a wide range of other insurance needs.

It’s important to work with company’s like AB Phillips that understand your business and provide excellent customer service.

Commercial Credit Application, Terms of Trade, Guarantee & Indemnity:

FTMA sought Legal advice through AB Phillips Credit department to create a Commercial Credit Application, Terms of Trade, Guarantee & Indemnity form for members which they can download from the member’s only section the website (being upgraded) and put on your letterhead, customising to your own business. Recently a builder tried to claim the form was faulty and denied a fabricators claims, but upon checking with AB Phillip’s legal team, we have been able to support the fabricator and highlight that the form is air tight and the builder was just trying to bully the fabricator.  This usually costs anywhere up to $3000 to produce, but we provide this to members for free.


FTMA Australia has committed much needed funding towards the development of the FTMA Industry Based Traineeships in Timber Systems Design.

Part of this process was to begin by changing the titles with Estimators and Detailers now names of the past and the new Timber Systems Design Team with their newly titled positions being part of our exciting future.

There is a lot of work to be done and even though everyone needed this ten years ago we are now determined to take step by step to ensure this training helps build the skills in the Australian Frame and Truss industry for generations to come.

We have developed Job Descriptions and Advertisements for you to transfer the current ‘estimators’ and ‘detailers’ in to their respective positions as outlined in the table below.

Currently we have done this for a Timber Systems Designer and a Timber Systems Designer Trainee and in the coming month we will develop KPI’s for Level 1 to Level 4 for the Timber Systems Designer.  Please visit the Training Page to ensure you are kept up to date on the latest news.


FTMA represents the Australian frame & truss industry on the Australian Standards committees and a range of skills and Worksafe, Training and Industry Development committees ensuring fabricators can go about their business ensuring they are being represented.

Representation by FTMA ensures our industry message is going out in a uniformed manner with the interests of fabricators at the forefront of all decision making.

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