Small 1 – 15 Employees:              $726.00 P.A (gst inclusive)
Medium 16 – 40 Employees:       $1089.00 P.A (gst inclusive)
Large 41+ Employees:                  $1452.00 P.A (gst inclusive)


Industrial Relations / OHS Support:

Members received a wide range of fact sheets in their membership folders including fact sheets on:  Difference between an employee and an independent contractor, Understanding Long Service Leave Laws, Works slowed down so what are my options?, Redundancies…ticking all the boxes, Summary of Timber Industry Award 2010, Paid Parental Leave, Safety Management Systems, Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment & Bullying in the Workplace, Awards across Australia, Dismissing an Employee, Enterprise Agreements – From Go to Whoa and the Right of Unions in the Work place.

On top of this members receive special rates from Emma Watt Consulting and Timber Trade Industrial Association who provide expert OHS, Industrial relations and in TTIA’s case Legal Support specialising in IR & Worksafe issues.

A large percentage of Australian Frame & Truss fabricators are small to medium fabricators who do not have a HR department or OHS specialists so FTMA wants us to be the fabricators first port of call and if we don’t know the answer, I will find the right place for you to call and get back to you.

We also provide updated wage sheets whenever the award rate for the different levels is changed.

Conditions of Employment­:

We have developed a Conditions of Employment template outlining all the necessary Award factors which members can put on their own letterhead and adapt to suit their companies needs ensuring both you and employees are covered.

Insurance Benefits:

Austbrokers Phillips- one of our Silver sponsors has a range of Timber Risk & Insurance Services for FTMA Members. AdviceLine is a service also provided by Austbrokers Phillips for members with the goal to reduce the costs of Workers Compensation for their clients by providing a free call number where you can seek professional advice on Worksafe issues.

Austbrokers Phillips also provides a competitively affordable Debtors Insurance package for members and provides your business with a wide range of other insurance needs.

Healthcare Insurance is one of Australia’s leading healthcare funds, recently voted in the top five in Australia for money for value and as sponsors of FTMA Australia they provide you and your employees with affordable health care insurance and will work with your company with pay deductions to cover employees who want to benefit from this great health fund.  My family are members of this fund and we transferred from top Medibank Private and have saved considerable funds.

Commercial Credit Application, Terms of Trade, Guarantee & Indemnity:

FTMA sought Legal advice through Austbrokers Phillips Credit department to create a Commercial Credit Application, Terms of Trade, Guarantee & Indemnity form for members which they can download from the member’s only section the website (being upgraded) and put on your letterhead, customising to your own business.  Recently a builder tried to claim the form was faulty and denied a fabricators claims, but upon checking with Austbrokers legal team, we have been able to support the fabricator and highlight that the form is air tight and the builder was just trying to bully the fabricator.  This usually costs anywhere up to $3000 to produce, but we provide this to members for free.


FTMA Australia works closely with our National Skills Council and in 2012-2013 accessed over $1million in training funds from the Federal Government for fabricators.  Working with Timber Queensland and a range of other fabricators and stakeholders we developed new qualifications for our industry and worked with the relevant RTO’s to ensure training was delivered in a ‘real life’ situation ensuring minimal disruption to a fabricators business.  Unfortunately a lot of the Federal funding has dried up but funding is still available via the states and some federal funding and we continue to help fabricators access training funding to upskill their employees and staff.


FTMA represents the Australian frame & truss industry on the Australian Standards committees and a range of skills and Worksafe committee ensuring fabricators can go about their business ensuring they are being represented.

Special Projects such as Waste Management

FTMA Australia chooses projects based on the national benefits such as our recent projects on the development of Prefabricated Ground Floor systems as a new product for our industry and the all-important issue of waste management.  Approximately $45 million is spent per annum on softwood timber waste in the Australian construction industry and FTMA Australia recognises the high costs of timber waste to fabricators.  We are currently working in NSW with the Government to find a solution to burning and disposal of H2F treated timber which will have huge benefits for our industry.

Finally FTMA Australia works hard to try and lift the standards of our industry and work with fabricators to develop a more collaboratively working industry.  We want fabricators to realise that the fabricator down the road or in the next town is not your enemy and through collaboration we can create a strong industry.


Please fill out the form below to apply for registration and one of our staff members will be in contact to arrange payment and complete your membership application.

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