COVID-19: Stimulus Package Summary

As the Australian Government announced its first economic response to COVID-19, totalling $17.6 billion, FTMA Australia had a look at the stimulus package and broke it down to see what exactly it...

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COVID-19: Tax Support

The ATO have put in relief options for businesses affected by the coronavirus. The Fact Sheet below outlines the tax support you can receive. Please note: these relief options will not be...

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COVID-19: Employee Entitlements

As we all the face the challenge of COVID-19, FTMA Australia wants to remain your first port of call during this pandemic. We have created this Fact Sheet to answer questions about what you can do...

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FTMA Tech Talk – Ed.20

BOUNCY FLOORS – DON’T BLAME THE JOISTS! As our houses become more modern, clients’ requirements become more challenging. Home-owners and architects are demanding more open-plan spaces...

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Never Bored on the FTMA Board

In 2017 FTMA Australia decided to go down the path of a full fabricator board and at the time, I was unsure if it was needed or if it would make any difference at all and there is no doubt I have...

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The Case for a Fast Saw

How fast does a saw need to be to be fast enough?  How do we measure speed?  Is it cubic metres per shift, number of components per hour, lineal metres per shift?  It doesn’t really matter –...

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