COVID-19 in the Workplace

We have had many questions regarding what happens if an employee contracts COVID-19. If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, you need to follow the health advice from the National Coronavirus...

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COVID-19 & Mental Health

The duty of employers under the model WHS laws apply to psychological health too. This is a stressful time for all Australians, and employers must do what they can to reduce the...

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COVID-19: New Insolvency Changes

There are many issues that Fabricators are concerned about and one of those is chasing debt and remaining solvent. Directors should be aware of the changes to the insolvency rules. Under the new...

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COVID-19: Border Closures

With the different border closures around the country, we investigated to see if they affected deliveries for our industry. Currently the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania...

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COVID-19: To Do Isolation Toolkit

Below is a “My Small Businees: To Do In Isolation Toolkit”. This toolkit was created by SmallBiz Matters and includes many suggestions for what one could still do for their business if...

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COVID-19: Stimulus Package Summary

As the Australian Government announced its first economic response to COVID-19, totalling $17.6 billion, FTMA Australia had a look at the stimulus package and broke it down to see what exactly it...

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COVID-19: Tax Support

The ATO have put in relief options for businesses affected by the coronavirus. The Fact Sheet below outlines the tax support you can receive. Please note: these relief options will not be...

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COVID-19: Employee Entitlements

As we all the face the challenge of COVID-19, FTMA Australia wants to remain your first port of call during this pandemic. We have created this Fact Sheet to answer questions about what you can do...

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