Sue said to me “the doctor wants me to do some scans for my stomach pain but with COVID around I don’t want to go and anyway there are limited facilities open, besides its probably just a stomach bug”. Two months later and after restrictions had eased Sue finally saw the doctor, had blood tests and had the scan…. advanced liver cancer.

Sue McLeod, my dear partner of 37 years passed away on the 14th of June 2020, less than two months after that scan, a particularly aggressive cancer.

A family devastated.

COVID-19 wasn’t responsible for my wife’s cancer, however an early diagnosis may have given her precious options and maybe an extra chance at life.

I want to say to all my friends and colleagues, don’t let fear of COVID-19 stop you from having essential health tests and procedures, don’t let fear of COVID-19 add to the untold toll of victims.

Nick Livanes