FTMA Welcomes New Members

Nikita and I recently undertook a Western Victoria and South Australia road trip where we managed to meet most plants in the region. These road trips provide me with the opportunity to meet our...

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No Stopping Pete!

Thank you to everyone who inquired about my health while I was in hospital. It’s very humbling to know so many people I have worked with were concerned. It’s been a very long 3+ months...

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Meyer Timber are coming to QLD

First day back term four for my 8 year old daughter Stella, Dad – “Hey sweet heart what happened at first day back?” Stella – “Dad there’s a new girl in my class!” she is running into the kitchen to...

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Mid-Rise MIG Update

The new emerging building sector market opportunity for wood products in Australia in mid-rise timber construction of apartments, hotels and office buildings up to around eight storeys in height...

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Well-Being With Wood

Stora Enso division Wood Products aims to be the leading provider of innovative wood-based solutions. The product range covers all areas of construction. Wood as a construction material has numerous...

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