Never Bored on the FTMA Board

In 2017 FTMA Australia decided to go down the path of a full fabricator board and at the time, I was unsure if it was needed or if it would make any difference at all and there is no doubt I have...

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The Case for a Fast Saw

How fast does a saw need to be to be fast enough?  How do we measure speed?  Is it cubic metres per shift, number of components per hour, lineal metres per shift?  It doesn’t really matter –...

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Worthy Fundraising Options

It is always a big decision as to how you support causes such as the Bushfire Recovery and with the media over the past few days, I am sure many are wondering how can they be assured their money is...

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Industry’s Resilience

There is one thing you can be certain of being involved in the timber industry, is that you would have experienced fire before. Of course some are worse than others and some fires have significant...

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FTMA Christmas Closure

It’s been a huge year in the industry with many ups and downs for the frame and truss sector. I’d like to thank the FTMA Board for traipsing around the countryside in support of our wonderful...

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