The Importance of Industry Data

In 2019 FTMA Australia ran our first ever National Fabricator Census and this week we will kick off the 2022 Census. We had a 68% response for the 2019 Census, which was great, but we’d love greater...

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An Update from Australian Panels

This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor, Australian Panel Products. We would like to update you on developments at our Oberon NSW and Mt Gambier SA sites, both of which should be...

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4 Steps Towards a Greener Future

On Earth Day 2022, FTMA Australia released it’s Carbon Warrior Policy, 4 Steps Towards a Greener Future as we called on all levels of Government to become Carbon Warriors by investing in our planet,...

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Economic & Budget Update for 2022

Breaking Down the Budget in a Political Landscape Budgets are always a tad confusing with so many promises being made, but with an election just around the corner, this one is even more so. That is...

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Innovation in Action

This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor, Vekta Automation. In business today it is necessary to be agile and responsive to change. But, to have that real edge- the ability to...

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Imagine Losing Everything You Own

This year, Sly Bros celebrates 100 years in business, and have been on their current site for 90 years. They are one of the largest employers in the picturesque town of Woodburn which has the mighty...

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Keeping Our Heads Above Water

This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor,  AKD Softwoods. Welcome to 2022 and AKD’s first article in FTMA News for this year. The start to 2022 has not been without its...

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