Big Picture Thinking, Bite-Sized

This piece was written and provided by FTMA Principal Partner, Pryda. One of our big takeaways from this year’s FTMA Conference was how valuable everyone found the opportunity to step back from the...

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FTMA Planning for Our Future

This piece was written by Kersten Gentle There is no doubt the past few years during the pandemic, FTMA has been busy supporting members. Not one member had to wonder what the COVID rules meant for...

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Providing a Supportive Work Haven

This piece was written by Kersten Gentle. November is a time to reflect on the impacts of domestic family violence within the community. It is a time to raise awareness and education on this...

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The Passing of a True Gentleman

When someone passes unexpectedly and at what we consider a young age, it is hard to fathom, and over the past week many have struggled to find answers to the passing of Bernie Wilson at the young...

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