Red Alert!

The Australian climate has always posed a challenge for the performance of softwood framing, particularly in areas facing extremes of temperature and dry winds. Both Radiata Pine and imported...

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Roof to Top Plate Connection

As humans, we are typically creatures of habit and once we are in our comfort zone in how we do something, it becomes extremely difficult to change, even if it is for the better outcome. While there...

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Hyne’s Digital Mill Tour

Hyne would love to share their passion for timber, but their mills at Tumbarumba NSW and Tuan near Maryborough QLD are just a little out of the way. That’s why they have created a digital mill tour....

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Why Choose Timber?

The Ultimate Renewable Campaign by WoodSolutions has been nothing short than brilliant. To drive along the Eastern Freeway and see a Billboard with the message “Houses Grow On Trees” is a refreshing...

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Get Your Bogan On!

Over the past few years we have seen the resurgence of the mullets and the flannies which often go hand in hand with the great Aussie Bogan.  AKD Softwoods proudly boast that amongst all their great...

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Sorry to Burst the Bubble!

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a new, state of the art machine to add technology and automation to your factory processes! Concerns about safety, how to improve your efficiency and have a...

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