This piece was written and provided by Kent Powell, National Sales and Marketing Manager of FTMA Strategic Partner, Meyer Timber.

With changes to the NCC it means that many of the FTMA members and EWP Sponsor Partners will be asked for solutions as plans continue to hit all our detailing teams. At Meyer Timber we have noticed an influx of enquiries through our daily plan intake on design and good building practice when it comes to setdowns and compliance to the new NCC.  

The National Construction Code (NCC) is released every 3 years and the 2022 edition has just come into force.  A major change is the inclusion of deemed to satisfy wet area waterproofing as part of the Housing Provisions, which was removed in 2011 in favour of simply complying to AS 3740.  This, along with increased falls in floors will force a rise in the number of setdown areas used in timber floor systems.  Meyer Timber has released a technical alert on the subject to show how we are proactively working with the industry on the new requirements.  This and other timber related changes to NCC 2022 can also be read about in the Timber Noggins article from the Mar/Apr edition of Timber Trader News.

Meyer Timber offers high level engineering advise with a best solution philosophy across many building challenges, we refer to it as “Value Engineering”, something I’m sure we are all striving to do as we run our businesses in the competitive space.

Please see Meyer Timber’s technical note about Wet Area Set Downs below.

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