As you may know, Hyne Timber is currently commissioning its new Glulam plant in Maryborough, Queensland. One of the main outputs of this new facility will be LGL+.

LGL+ is straight, strong and dimensionally stable. It offers great nail holding and is H3 treated. What’s more, Hyne has made the product look even better than traditional LGL with transparent glue lines.

Made from sustainably-sourced Australian pine, LGL+ has a strength-to-weight ratio 20% higher than steel, making it ideal for high-load, long-span applications. It’s made from selectively-graded timber and is durable even in the harshest outdoor conditions.

LGL+ is ideal for a range of structural applications, and will be available in several sizes.

The product will be available from March 2020. For more information, please talk to your Hyne Customer Manager or visit