In recent times, the frame and truss sector has witnessed a concerning uptick in avoidable accidents, casting a spotlight on the critical need for elevated safety protocols and industry-specific safety governance. The establishment of the FTMA Frame & Truss National Safety Council is a conscientious response to this emerging challenge, aiming to unify the sector under a banner of enhanced safety and prevention. By leveraging shared expertise and fostering a national dialogue, the Council aspires to cultivate a culture where safety is not an afterthought but the foundational bedrock of every operation, ensuring the wellbeing of all employees is held in the highest regard.

The establishment of the Frame & Truss National Safety Council (F&T NSC) is a pivotal step towards enhancing occupational safety within the timber frame and truss sector. As industries evolve, the need for specialised safety measures becomes paramount to protect those who are at the heart of daily operations. The F&T NSC acknowledges this need and takes initiative in charting a course for a safer work environment. The health and welfare of employees are non-negotiable standards that underpin the reputation and productivity of the industry.

Objectives and Aims of the Council

Objective 1: Collaboration and Communication

  • Establish a platform for ongoing dialogue between manufacturers, safety experts, and regulatory bodies.
  • Create an efficient system for disseminating safety alerts, updates, and best practices.

Objective 2: Culture of Safety

  • Assist companies in cultivating a workplace atmosphere where safety is universally valued and prioritised.
  • Implement educational programs that emphasize the importance of safety measures in day-to-day operations.

Objective 3: Proactive Approach to Safety Concerns

  • Develop a framework for identifying potential safety issues before they escalate into hazards.
  • Encourage active member participation in bringing concerns to the council, ensuring swift and effective resolution.

Objective 4: Compliance and Advocacy

  • Maintain adherence to the competition and consumer act, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the council’s activities.
  • Advocate for safety improvements by leveraging strategic relationships with WorkSafe authorities and other industry stakeholders.

Objective 5: Industry Standards and Best Practices

  • Set benchmarks for safety protocols and procedures that align with the latest technologies and standards.
  • Regularly review and update safety guidelines, ensuring they meet the sector’s dynamic needs.

Objective 6: Committee Structure and Membership

  • Establish a diverse committee of WHS experts representing fabricator members, reinforcing the council’s expertise and relevance from different jurisdictions throughout the country.
  • Provide a transparent and equitable process for membership application, reflecting the council’s commitment to collective safety advancement.

In summary, the F&T NSC is designed not only to address immediate concerns and forge improvements but to revolutionise the way the frame and truss sector views and implements safety, making it an integral, uncompromised aspect of all operations. Through the council’s leadership, we envision a future where all fabricator employees work in conditions that are not just compliant with safety standards, but are exemplars in the industry, fostering a reputation of excellence and responsibility.

Membership of the Frame & Truss National Safety Council is open to FTMA fabricator members. We want people who have on the ground experience with the F&T sector and has time to commit to meetings and addressing safety concerns within the national frame and truss industry.

If you, or one of your colleagues wishes to be part of the Frame & Truss National Safety Council please complete the EOI below no later than Friday 12 April. If you have any questions, please contact Kersten Gentle on 0418 226 242.

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