Webinars are a new thing for FTMA and we would like to give a huge shoutout to the amazing Mid-Rise team at WoodSolutions of Laurence Ritchie, Dean Ashton, Alastair Woodard, and Adam Jones for their professional support in running the first of the FTMA Australia Webinars.

As previously explained, FTMA Australia was due to hold their Technical Forum at Holmesglen TAFE which was to focus on Mid-Rise given this is where the WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Model is located.  The idea was for fabricators to be able to move around the model and see how it works firsthand before discussing how it works in our sector.

The Tech Forum will now be put in to a 3 Part Series of Webinars commencing on the first Wednesday of August at 2.00pm and we will finish our August schedule with a focus on Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction.

The first webinar of the Tech Forum was held on the 5th August with presentation by Dr Alastair Woodard who provided an overview of the Mid-Rise Market Implementation Group which FTMA Australia coordinated and was followed by a live walk around the site by WoodSolutions Laurence Ritchie.

This webinar was recorded and can be viewed via the button below. 

For more information on the upcoming Webinars, including the September schedule, please visit our Webinar Page. 

To register for the upcoming webinars, please visit the Webinar page. If you have already completed a form for the webinars, there is no need to do so again, we will send you the details in the lead up to the relevant Webinar. Please note there are two separate registration forms, one for the August webinars and one for the September webinars.

Please note that the 3 Part Series for Mid-Rise is open to all Australian timber fabricators and FTMA supplier members/sponsors, however, the Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction Webinar is only open to FTMA Members (both fabricators and suppliers).

Finally, if there are any subjects for Webinars you would like to see FTMA run, please let us know and we shall follow up for you as we have a long road in front of us with COVID-19. If you have any  information please give me a call on 0418 226 242 otherwise via email at kersten@ftma.com.au

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