Below: KBC Reg Smith with Maurie Anglin of Pryda & Ashley Price of KBC celebrating KBC’s 30 years

FTMA Australia is excited about the recent announcement that the JC Dahlsen Group have purchased Key Building Components (KBC) in Ulladulla on the Southern NSW Coast.

Key Building Components commenced business on the 1st July, 1979 in a small shed in the rural community of Ulladulla with 2 employees.  I always believe you can tell a good company by their staff and employees and during the 2012 Awards, KBC had approximately 30 staff with 24 of them having worked at the company for greater than 10 years.

FTMA are excited for Ashley Price & Reginald Smith.  As the company owners of KBC, a business they have grown since 1979, it is great that they will be able to see it continue in to the future and for both of these amazing men to be able to retire knowing their company is in good hands.

Reg & Ashley have been loyal members of FTMA Australia since our inception as a National Association with Ashley having been a great supporter of our industry through his work with the Association, even serving as a Board Member in the early days.

Dahlsens CEO, Geoff Dahlsen recognised that Reg & Ashley along with their team had created a successful business with a solid base of loyal customers and they anticipate that all Key Building Component employees will continue on in the Plant as employees of Midcoast Timber, led by Colin Scharfenberg as Operations Manager.

Geoff went on to say, they are looking forward to learning from the team and embracing the opportunities as they build the reputation already well established in the market and business as usual for existing customers.

FTMA encourages anyone wanting to expand their business to look at fabricators wanting to sell and if members are interested in expanding or selling please let us know as we’d be more than happy to assist in spreading the word.