Over the past six months I have had many enquiries relating to working in hot and cold conditions as there is no doubt we have had plenty of these varying days.

It’s hard enough for my body to know how to cope with the ridiculous hot/cold days that we have been experiencing, especially in Victoria where we have 42 degrees one day and 20 and rain the following, let alone know what the policy for working in these conditions should be.

With the assistance of our industrial relations experts at Timber Trade Industrial Association a policy for Working in the Heat or Cold Policy which has been uploaded on to the Members Resources area of the FTMA News website for members only.

As with all our resources, this is provided free of charge for members and we encourage you to make amendments to suit your business and include the policy in to your workplace.

As with any workplace policy, it is important that you don’t just copy the policy, but also adopt it by implementing the policy which includes discussing the policy with your workforce, ensuring the policy is understood and operating to the policy in extreme hot and cold conditions.

If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise we encourage members to download and adopt the policy or update your current policy to ensure you have everything in place.

Just a reminder that whilst you are on the Members Only Resource area you ensure you have the latest policies for NHVR, Alcohol & Drug Policy, the updated Credit Application Form (Updated July 2018) and ensure you are aware of all the free policies and documentation on the page.