FTMA Australia has committed much needed funding towards the development of the FTMA Industry Based Traineeships in Timber Systems Design.

Part of this process was to begin by changing the titles.  Gone are Estimators and Detailers which were hard to attract people to and they are replaced with the new Timber Systems Design Team.  As outlined in the flowchart showing the roles in the Timber Systems Design Team.  We encourage all Australian fabricators to implement these new terminologies as we continue to advance our industry in a uniformed way.

There is a lot of work to be done and even though everyone needed this ten years ago we are now determined to take step by step to ensure this training helps build the skills in the Australian Frame and Truss industry for generations to come.

We have developed Job Descriptions and Advertisements for you to transfer the current ‘estimators’ and ‘detailers’ in to their respective positions as outlined in the table below.

Currently we have done this for a Timber Systems Designer and a Timber Systems Designer Trainee and in the coming month we will develop KPI’s for Level 1 to Level 4 for the Timber Systems Designer.

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