Softwood Industry Launches Supporting Campaign

The softwood timber industry has got together to launch a campaign to support the FWPA’s The Ultimate Renewable ads from 2019.

This has consisted of targeted online advertising to builders, who research has shown are the number 1 decision makers when it comes to choosing what material a house frame is made from.

Why advertise?

It is important to ensure that timber is maintained as Australia’s number 1 framing material as it is easy to use, great for the environment and most FTMA members are set up to make timber frames. Timber frames also create a host of add on sales for FTMA members.


The following ads have been targeted to builders all around the country. They have consisted of both videos and images that lead to our new micro site and were created by the Timberlink and the other softwood timber manufacturers.

So far, the ads have been seen around 4 million times by Australian builders! This consists of:

  • 3.6m display image ads
  • 400,000 completed advertising video views
  • 100,000 completed YouTube video views

New Micro Site Built – Timber Framing

A new page has been built to support that campaign with a range of messages targeted at builders. This page is fantastic and has attracted almost 10,000 hits so far. It has been fantastic to be able to use the Wood Solutions page as it is the most popular timber website in the world.

The website focuses on a few key themes, including, cost, ease of use, environmental benefits and predictability in the fire.

Industry Assets

There are a range of generically branded industry assets that you can register to download on the website. Scroll to the bottom of the page at and sign up. Or contact

Timberlink & COVID-19 

Timberlink have created a page on their website to provide updates on their operations during this time.

The health and wellbeing of Timberlink’s staff, customers and stakeholders comes first at this crucial time. Timberlink will keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

Timberink’s COVID-19 Page