……. Sorry but I just couldn’t help myself 😊.

At Meyer Timber we are extremely lucky to have not only one but two of the industries most established and experienced Structural Timber Engineers in George Dolezal and Afzal Laphir in our resource kit!

So when our newest Meyer Timber Engineer Afzal Laphir hit the offices of Meyer Timber in Dandenong I gave him the morning to settle in, find the coffee machine, enter the footy tipping comp and then engaged him around Wall Frame Tie Downs because this had been at the front of my mind for a while now as we educate ourselves in more and more screw and bolt applications, who better than someone with Afzals years of experience within the Pryda ITW business.

I’ve had some fun engaging with clients about correct wall frame tie down and the feedback has been mixed and varied. Some provide Wall Tie Down hardware, some don’t. There is a range of solutions and formulas explained to me that each and every frame fabricator have developed either in house or with their core customers.

Afzal has provided us a great reference piece for this very application and the solution is readily available from Meyer Timber across all eastern states. When it comes to complete wall frame supply who better than someone who can give you the complete solution;

  • Structural Wall Framing.
  • PROdock Studs.
  • Stud Screw Solutions.
  • Wall Bracing.
  • Crush Plates.
  • And now Wall Frame to Slab Tie Down.

Our Wall Frame Tie Down now adds to our already established Stud Screw and Truss Screw range of products and FTMA members can expect this grow in the future as we continue to be not only a wood based trading business but a complete solution provider.

Thanks FTMA members for your ongoing support of the Meyer Timber Group and we are delighted to have renewed our Silver Sponsorship of this very relevant timber industry organisation.   

For more information on our Wall Frame Tie Downs please click below.