FTMA has created a new brochure for members focusing on the benefits of using offsite prefabricated timber over traditional stick built.

There are so many benefits of using offsite prefabricated timber frames and trusses, such as:

  • Faster construction times.
  • More cost effective than using stick-built methods.
  • More efficient use of material, given stick-built projects use up to 25% more timber.
  • Reduces the waste and therefore reduces cost.
  • A superior product engineered to meet all Australian Standards.
  • Offsite Prefabricated Trusses are more accurate, durable, and stronger.
  • No delays due to weather as it is built in a purpose-built environment.
  • Improved job safety

This brochure has been designed so members can tailor it for their business, meaning they can change the two photos, if they choose, change the colours to reflect their business, include their contact details on the back and of course include their logo.

It’s a strong message, if all fabricator members adapt this brochure to reflect their company, ensuring the sector is singing from the same hymn sheet.

We encourage everyone to download the brochure, and whether you are a member and have it customised or simply use the FTMA brochure, we want you to all use these promotional materials to spread the word about the benefits of offsite prefabrication.

Remember, offsite prefabricated timber frames and trusses are efficient, cost-effective, high-quality and are a sustainable building solution.

If members would like to customise, please send logo and images (if you choose), to nikita@ftma.com.au. If anyone has any questions, please contact Kersten on 0418 226 242.

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