Work health and safety is an important factor in any frame & truss business. To assist FTMA members comply with their WH&S responsibilities, TTIA and FTMA have teamed up to offer FTMA members safety services.

These safety services assist FTMA members in the areas of WH&S risk assessments to ensure your workplace and machinery is safe. Also in the area of developing and auditing the company’s safety systems/documentation which is essential for any company.


WH&S Risk Assessment

A work health and safety (WH&S) risk assessment involves examining the workplace and machinery to identify potential hazards and outlining control options.  It focuses on all aspects of WH&S including machinery hazards, guarding, manual handling, hazardous substances, workplace layout, electrical hazards, PPE and more.

Following the WH&S risk assessment, TTIA will provide the FTMA member company with a full report outlining potential hazards, assessment of those hazards and controls to be implemented. TTIA will also provide photographs of control options in the report.

Fee Schedule for FTMA Members

  • $850 + GST


WH&S Audit

A WH&S audit involves examining the company’s WH&S system (documentation) in the light of WH&S legislative requirements to ensure it conforms to this legislation.

Following the WH&S audit, the FTMA member company will receive a report outlining areas of conformance and non – conformance.

Fee Schedule for FTMA Members

  • $700 + GST


WH&S Risk Assessment and Audit

If a FTMA member company wants on WH&S assessment and an audit.

Fee schedule for FTMA members

  • $350 + GST (on top of the Risk Assessment amount)


Development of safety management system

In many cases a timber company requires assistance in developing their safety management system (safety documentation). TTIA can develop a company’s safety management system including their safety manual, safe work procedures and WH&S induction manual.

Fee schedule for FTMA Members

  • $1,950 + GST

Travel expenses will also apply however if the services can be coordinated with existing TTIA members services, the cost will be kept to a minimum.


FTMA members interested in taking up this offer are advised to contact the TTIA Office on (02) 9264 1100 to arrange an appointment.