Below is an image that I am sure most fabricators could relate to as this is an issue that continues to raise its bad and ugly head.

Note that the top chord has had about 2/3 cut out and that the pesky plate on the next truss has been removed to avoid blunting the saw!  This particular fabricator then had to waste roughly one full day getting the engineering done and supplying materials for rectification and given our Designers aren’t sitting around wasting time, this puts an added strain on any business.

How do we get the message to the building industry that we supply an engineered product that should NOT be modified???

So who is responsible?

  • Fabricator
  • Builder
  • Project Manager
  • Tradies

Way too often it comes back on the fabricator to fix, which is good in the fact that our industry is all about finding solutions, but catering to unskilled and uncaring tradies should not be a cost to our industry.

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The answer is definitely education of the building industry and related trades such as plumbing but also fabricators must not be held accountable to fix issues such as this for free.