An Update on the Buy Aussie Timber First (BATF) campaign from FTMA Sponsors – AKD, Hyne, OneFortyOne, Timberlink

We are very pleased about the number of people and faces supporting the Buy Aussie Timber First framing campaign and the fact that they are coming from all over Australia and all along the supply chain from foresters to carpenters! 

We think it’s a time when showing this support for Australian manufacturing and Aussie timber products really matters. It makes a difference and is such a positive for all of the Australian sawmill employees, the majority who live in regional Australia, to see and feel the support of customers all along the supply chain from fabrication plants, wholesalers, timber merchants and all the way to our newest supporters – apprentice carpenters.”

The campaign has now been running for 3 months and is planned to run another 3 months until early December with digital and print advertising having been very successful to date in building the following and getting the message out there. To date, the campaign has achieved 500K+ impressions of their ads online across a broad range of internet sites.

The campaign is now in its phase of acknowledging and thanking campaign supporters who have registered on the website and loaded up their details – these supporters, mainly builders and carpenters, are going in the draw to win BATF merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies and drink bottles to use on the job.

Pleasingly the demand for timber products in Australia has held up well to this point, given the existing work that was in the pipeline, the positive impact of government residential building stimulus programs and also the preference being given to Australian owned and made timber products.

However, it’s not a time for complacency as we still confront major economic challenges in the coming year.  The BATF campaign is also being responsible in acknowledging the ongoing role of timber imports but clearly asking that the Australian customers give preference at the moment to Aussie timber.

We want to be respectful of customers’ buying decisions in timber framing and want to ensure that the best outcome for now is Australian structural timber being used, as the preference in Aussie homes. The benefits overall of timber framing versus other material alternatives then makes imported timber the next best choice.  Aussie Timber First but timber overall is the next priority and again the best outcome for Australia’s future given timber’s ultimate renewable credentials including its benefits to the environment of being a carbon store.

Supporting the overall preferred choice of plantation timber for structural frames in Australian homes, the BATF campaign has always aimed to link back to the Timber Framing The Ultimate Renewable message.  Compared to other building material alternatives, timber framing’s advantages are clearly recognised across the Australian supply chain with its benefits of efficient, high tech and competitive timber prefabrication solutions and enormous flexibility on site for renovations being widely understood by Australian builders.

The BATF partners (AKD, Boral, Hyne, OFO, Wespine and Timberlink) are very pleased to share some of the campaign’s messages of support.

“We need Aussie Timber because… Nothing beats home grown timber. Supporting Aussie business keeps Australia strong, and Aussie timber is the ultimate renewable resource.”

Brad Jones, Builder/ Carpenter

“You’ve got to support the work and jobs in the country.”

Nick White, Timber Fabricator, Footers Structural Timber, Adelaide

“We care for the environment and want to reduce our environmental impact in the building industry, and we know Aussie timber is grown and manufactured sustainably!”

Bailee Major, Builder/ Carpenter

“We’ve been a supporter of Australian-grown for years.”

Mark Hull, Timber Fabricator, MCM Frame & Truss, Sydney

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