This piece was written and provided by FTMA Supporting Partner, Independent Hardware Group.

We recently concluded another successful IHG Conference and Expo on the Gold Coast, with the theme “STRONGER TOGETHER.” The positive feedback and enthusiasm from both members and suppliers reaffirmed our ongoing strategies to drive value for independent businesses through leveraging our group volume.

This feedback has inspired me to reinvest more time in the independent market, seeking opportunities to engage and collaborate, with the aim of making a tangible difference and supporting bottom-line improvements for significant independent businesses across the country.

I am not only confident that we can enhance your bottom line through our supplier and services deals, but I also believe we could play a role in supporting any growth ambitions, particularly in network expansion. IHG has conducted a comprehensive analysis of network and growth opportunities, including greenfield, brownfield, current network, and specialist opportunities (e.g., F & T), where we believe we can add significant value.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these points in greater detail under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), ensuring confidentiality and trust in our discussions. If you are interested in proceeding, I welcome you to provide a schedule of suitable dates/times to best accommodate our discussion and align our calendars.

Looking forward to the possibility of further collaboration,

Yours sincerely

Brett Martin
Business Manager – Trade Operations

Independent Hardware Group | 19 Corporate Drive Heatherton Victoria 3202
P: 0419 734 178| E:

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