Did you know, coming together with your fellow FTMA members can result in greater negotiating power and securing better electricity rates?

In June this year, FTMA Bronze Sponsor Choice Energy, facilitated a group energy tender for 38 IGA stores, offering savings of $1.1 million dollars. For each individual store, this was an average saving of 10-30% and in some cases up to 50% savings on their previous electricity contract.

Choice Energy has already assisted many FTMA members reduce their electricity costs through our commercial solar solutions.

This month we will be running a group energy tender allowing us to secure a better energy deal for you.

Benefits of participating:

  • No cost or commitment to participate
  • Economies of scale for better buying power so you pay less
  • Choice Energy will present the most competitive offers for consideration.

Not sure you’re eligible? Whether your contract is expiring at the end of this year or two years from now, Choice Energy can still help!

Please note, registrations to participate close Tuesday 15 October.  

How Can You Participate?

Register your interest to participate by contacting David@choiceenergy.com.au with your contact details, or by calling 0416 135 160.