We are incredibly pleased to be able to share with you some of the value and benefits that a customer of ours has experienced since implementing the Roadpod system into their operations. Roadpod is an innovative transport solution and with the great uptake we have seen with timber fabricators we really want to show where the benefits are in this great system.

The customer we want to talk about today is Keith Timber Group. Their team really went out of their way to get some great feedback to us so we also want to give a big thank you to the team at Keith Timber Group for taking the time to share with us their experience with Roadpod. So let’s jump into it. What are the value propositions? What are the benefits that Keith Timber Group have experienced since jumping on board and purchasing their first Roadpods approximately 3 years ago.

The first undeniable benefit is without a doubt Safety. Before investing in the Roadpod system, Keith Timber Group had additional semi-trailers that they would park in their truss plant. They were running six trailers in total, three on the road, and three in the yard being loaded for the next day. However, with this current set up, they faced major safety issues – The team loaded the trailers at heights, and sometimes with loads up to four metres above ground level. It was these major issues in mind, that they ultimately decided to invest in Roadpod.

Since investing in the system, all materials for delivery can now loaded at ground level, eliminating all risks of falls and injuries. It has also made it more efficient and safer to pre-sling and tie down the loads by no longer having to works at heights.

The next big benefit, that they found with the system, is just how fast and simple operating the pods have been. Swapping out an empty pod for a pre-loaded pod is now taking them less than 15 mins. Granted, the team at Keith Timber were swapping out pre-loaded trailers before, so while they haven’t seen a huge reduction in time performing that operation, if you consider how long it takes to load a truck traditionally (45 min – 2 hours or more), and the fact that they’ve effectively halved the number of trailers in their fleet for a more economical system, it’s huge.

A great comment from a Keith Timber team member about the simplicity of Roadpod was, “four container pins, check the tie-down straps and away they go!”.

We mentioned that Keith Timber could now effectively halve their trailer fleet. But instead, they have chosen to put their surplus trailers to use in other parts of the business. They have been able to streamline their fleet by installing container pins on many of their trailers, which allows them to carry pods if needed. This gives them huge flexibility as they can now use vehicles from different sites if the situation arises. With the additional pods they have purchased over time they also have the flexibility to pre-load and store deliveries for quick and easy pick-ups.

And lastly, Keith Timber Group made special note of a few key Roadpod features that we definitely think need mentioning. Firstly, they were very pleased to find that the pods need very little maintenance. Once purchased, by keeping up with general wash downs and cleans, the pods are designed to have a service life of 10 to 15 years. Keith Timber have made great use of the extendable dunnage that is located on both sides of the pod. Easy to operate and with a simple locking mechanism, the extendable dunnage is used to support and prevent damage to oversized products. And finally, Keith Timber have received great feedback from their truck drivers, expressing how it has made their job both easier and safer.

It’s always great to hear stories from our customers on just how much Roadpod has enhanced and benefitted their operations.

For more information on Roadpod please visit our website www.roadpod.com.au

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