This piece was written and provided by FTMA Strategic Partner, STAXA.

Staxa, the exclusive distributor of Wespine products, offers an extensive range of imported sawn and engineered timber products sourced from sustainable supply chains. Established in 2021, Staxa integrates the sales and marketing expertise of Wespine representatives, leveraging over 30 years of manufacturing capability and technical knowledge from Western Australia’s largest softwood processor.

In recent years, the presence of imported structural and engineered timber within the Australian market has significantly increased. This surge reflects not only the building activity stimulated by COVID-19 relief packages but also a growing recognition of timber as a more sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to steel and concrete.

While this increase in import volume supplements domestic supply, concerns about the potential infiltration of sub-standard and unfit products into the market are growing. Consequently, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (“DAFF”) is heightening its regulatory scrutiny on the importation of timber products into Australia. 

DAFF’s focus includes verifying product origin against illegal logging regulations, ensuring product descriptions are accurate, and ascertaining that importers have conducted due diligence to guarantee products meet Australian standards. Non-compliance, whether inadvertent or deliberate, can lead to penalties exceeding $100,000 per shipment. 

Unlike many importers, Staxa’s operations are fortified by Wespine’s robust technical systems, a unique advantage in the Australian timber import industry. Any products not meeting the required grade are downgraded to maintain compliance with supply partners. This stringent process involves rigorous internal and external audits to ensure responsibly sourced products, including those with FSC or PEFC certification. 

As Staxa looks to the future, the company continues to cultivate supply partnerships and broaden its product range under a rigorous R&D program. This commitment to quality and innovation is the Staxa difference, ensuring a steady supply of standard product ranges while introducing new solutions. 

Staxa consistently strives to deliver market-driven solutions and services, offering imported alternatives that complement the high-quality products that customers have come to expect from Wespine. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future. 

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