November is a time to reflect on the impacts of domestic family violence within the community. It is a time to raise awareness and education on this sensitive topic.

We must talk more openly as Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is a significant issue in Australia affecting approximately one in four women. DFV can happen to anyone, regardless of where they live, their profession, their education, or their age. Since this issue is so widespread and can have such an impact, FTMA has created a free DFV policy for members to generate awareness, and to support you in taking a stand against domestic and family violence by ensuring you are providing a Supportive Work Haven for your employees.

Our industry is made up of mum and dad businesses that are the backbone to this country and I truly hope members see the importance of family businesses implementing family friendly policies such as the FTMA DFV Policy.

The FTMA Fabricator Census completed in 2019 showed that our industry is made up of 88.1% men.  Yet, we are always hearing that we can’t attract enough workers, or the right workers and FTMA believes by addressing key social issues such as DFV, fabricators can make themselves employers of choice and attract more women into our industry.

The FTMA DFV Policy was created by Jo Mason of Work Haven. Jo formally worked with Hyne Timber, however, has personal experience in dealing with DFV and is passionate about making a difference.  WorkHaven tailored our policy so it meets the needs of our members and brings understanding, empathy and support to address one of society’s most challenging conversations.

With the new changes coming in 2023 for paid DFV leave, it is important your business is up to date and has the right policy to reflect the new legislation.

The new policy has been sent to all members, and I encourage you ensure the right people in the business has the policy.

The FTMA DFV Policy comes with specially designed posters as well as a toolbox presentation and toolbox discussion points, so the whole team can talk about DFV and ways to address it in the workplace.

If anyone requires further assistance from Jo Mason at WorkHaven please visit

We encourage you to listen to our latest F&T Time Podcast featuring Jo Mason who talks about the benefits of introducing a DFV Policy and things you need to do know.  To listen please find it on your preferred podcast service or visit here.

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