We are in unprecedented times and the past year has been a rollercoaster for all Australians and we aren’t out of the woods yet with uncertain times still a head.

With increased pressure and uncertainty, I am seeing frustration lead to anger and I’d like to call on everyone to stop and breathe as we simply need to roll with the every changing landscape we are all facing.

The construction and housing supply chains are stretched to their limit, but that’s understandable given the perfect storm we are in. Issues such as:

  • Suppliers, builders and others in the supply chain geared down early in 2020, preparing for the industry cliff we all predicted, but did not eventuate.
  • The supply chain was disrupted and now we are out of whack with supply and demand resulting in product shortages across the whole supply chain.
  • Shipping and transport costs have increased from long-term average $1500 to $7000 forcing many suppliers to pass on the costs.
  • There is a worldwide shipping container shortage which has also added to delays and increased costs.
  • The 2019/20 disastrous bushfires which ravaged the country and burnt resource.
  • Many Australians had money to burn due to lockdowns and the renovation market boomed.

FTMA Australia has written the below Open Letter to Australian Builders which addresses the situation we are in and ways in which we can all help one another throughout this boom.

In conjunction with the letter, we have also provided the FTMA Housing Update written by Tim Woods of Industry Edge. In this update, Tim looks at the current housing figures and what the future may look like, including the dangers of the housing bubble bursting.

All sawmills, timber importers, suppliers and fabricators are working around the clock to meet the increased demand and all we ask is for patience and understanding.

On behalf of fabricators across Australia, we sincerely thank builders for their ongoing support and patience through this global pandemic.

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