As announced in the March edition of the FTMA Newsletter, Borg opened our new Particleboard press in Oberon NSW in February 2019. The commissioning process of such a large piece of equipment has taken a full 6 months, but the press is now delivering fantastic results in terms of both quality and output. We are now producing the full range of traditional Structaflor sizes on the press, and being a continuous line, we have options in the future to produce unique flooring sizes for cassette flooring, modular buildings, and similar.

The new modernised operation has also allowed us to improve the physical properties of Structaflor. The new Structaflor is now 6% lighter in weight than the original, and has better moisture resistant properties, which improve the durability after exposure on job sites. The result is reduced swelling and reduced need for sanding. In fact we are so confident in the properties of the new Structaflor, we have increased the exposure guarantee from 3 months to an industry first of 5 months!

Borg also has recently received EPA approval to use timber offcuts and other waste wood in our particleboard process. While it is early days, we have started collecting offcuts from some NSW based F&T plants, and we plan to grow this operation substantially over time. This could even include fabrication sites in Victoria and Queensland in the future. We plan to work closely with the FTMA to co-ordinate this process, so please contact Kersten or Borg directly if you feel this could be of benefit to your business.

Our new production line offers us many more opportunities to keep improving Structaflor, plus develop other new products for the industry, so stay tuned!