In March this year, one of the founding staff members of Multinail, Mark Ford, retired from the industry after almost 40 years of service.

Mark joined Multinail from Hasting’s Trusses in the late 80’s and was involved deeply in all aspects training and supporting fabricators that facilitated much of Multinail’s early growth.

Mark left Multinail for a period to manage a number of truss plants and hardware outlets, before returning to Multinail in 2015 in a familiar support role based in NSW.

Former Multinail Australian Business Manager, Bill Bagnall, recalls his time with Mark fondly “Mark was instrumental in teaching me about the truss industry. Mark is an absolute gentleman with the highest level of skill, diligence and integrity, and much of the supporting culture that was developed within Multinail can be attributed directly to Mark’s efforts”

The invaluable influence that Mark had on Multinail is echoed by the current Multinail Technical Support & Training Manager, Stephen Burchard “I personally found it very hard to follow in Mark’s footsteps. He set a standard that was very high, his technical knowledge is outstanding and work ethic was second to none. I would not be where I am today if it was not for the initial support and guidance of Mark.”

Chairman and Founder of Multinail, Peter Taylor, comments “It is with a small dose of nostalgia that you only find one Mark Ford in a career. Mark helped build a business and a culture that will foster future generations”.

From all of us at Multinail, we wish Mark all the best for his retirement. Mark will attend periodically at future Multinail events to keep in touch with the many staff and customers he has worked with over his long career.

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