The idea of engineered wall studs is not new, I remember a time in the early 90’s when Finger Jointed Studs (an engineered product in their own right) were very popular in certain geographical parts of the market for a whole bunch of reasons.

So today with the introduction of LVL wall studs and plates we can consider this to be a re-visit of evolution to this space and the components within it.

There are driving factors in many areas as to why this space is interesting again, onsite for the framer, in the wall plant during manufacturer and in the actual production of LVL that are bridging this gap to an affordable option to present to different builders to consider the use of MT – LVL 10 /12 in frames.

Onsite we are challenged around the importance of straight walls for various reasons. They may be long hallway walls, high walls or cabinet walls where straightness is paramount. LVL will provide a higher percentage of straight product to eliminate waste in wall frame manufacture and pre sheeting time on site. Solid wood for all of its great benefits will not give us the consistency of LVL and will always have a varying portion of bow, spring and twist.

In LVL production there is and always will be a capacity and a need to make products utilising lower E veneer, and uses in vertical applications is a market to explore. As LVL capacity grows globally, new applications for new grades will continue to be developed and we are already getting a real sense that LVL is now a generic building product with grades not names.

Light Weight Steel has certainly RATTLED its drum around straight walls in recent times, so this is a nice return of serve for our sector to have in its artillery.

Meyer Timber is offering MT LVL FRAMING in a range of framing sections and grades but further more we are making it a part of our DTL Stud Range through our PROdock process. If you would like to know more about MT-LVL FRAMING then please contact your Meyer Timber Representative.

And remember…………relax it’s MT – LVL 😊

Kent Powell

National Sales and Marketing Manager

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This article was provided by Kent Powell of FTMA Silver Sponsor, Meyer Timber.