This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor, Meyer Timber.

In the last few months there has been increased enquiries from the industries many levels surrounding Engineered Wood Products, in particular Laminated Veneer Lumber. These questions are most commonly about Origin of product and its legality & Structural Compliance dove tailing into liability should there be a failure.

With two years of pandemic supply issues that has opened new trade channels to Australia, combined with the March deadline that marked the “Conflict Timber” end date for PEFC and FSC certified timber, we should not be surprised that the market is asking these questions to safeguard their businesses.

Meyer Timber has strict procurement policies to protect our business and our customers that are based on both our legal obligation and our social responsibility.

With this in mind we have released our Laminated Veneer Lumber – Safeguard statement as a way to communicate our LVL procurement policies at Meyer Timber. If you have any questions about “what we do” then please contact your Meyer Timber account manager.

Kent Powell – Meyer Timber National Sales & Marketing Manager.   

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