First day back term four for my 8 year old daughter Stella,

Dad – “Hey sweet heart what happened at first day back?”

Stella – “Dad there’s a new girl in my class!” she is running into the kitchen to fill me in with excitement. Straight away I think of the 6 or 8 schools I attended across N.S.W and S.A and I answer her with a more serious edge……

Dad – “Well, I moved around a lot as a kid so I know what it’s like, make sure your nice to her Stella because it’s hard being new and even a bit daunting.”

Stella – Oh don’t worry Dad because she’s tall…………………….so by lunch time she went from being the “new girl” to the “tall girl”.

A smile and a chuckle turned into a fair bit of laughter in the Powell household……my daughter is fast witted!!!

Here at Meyer Timber we are delighted to announce and progress with our QLD operation.

For Marilyn Meyer and her sons David and Steven the Queensland position has been a known progression for the company pending the appropriate timing to sustain a long term commitment and THE TIME IS NOW!

It has been 10 years since Meyer Timber took its first growth step and advanced up the eastern seaboard to Sydney and acquired Structalam Timber Products the now established Meyer Timber NSW under GM Kent Powell 23 years.

Both Melbourne and Sydney operate on owned purpose built sites boasting over 40,000m2 each. The organisation is comforted with a flat structured management team that holds staff longevity and retention as a key ingredient to its success. With all of this in mind the green light to progress to Brisbane became apparent about 10 weeks ago and from there it has been full steam ahead. We are pleased to have our ground zero staff Russell Ferguson and Jeff Ellis on the team – Who ???? Yes we know these are names not known to industry but on this occasion our recruitment campaign needed to seek the individuals “drivers” and “motivation” before industry experience because a start up operation requires a hunger for a challenge with a mindset to do “Todays Job” no matter what the task!

We have now stuck a humble flag in the ground with our warehouse at the Port of Brisbane occupying the industry known Carter Holt Harvey facility, Warehouse Number 4 on Osprey drive.

We hold the Frame and Truss channel to market with high regard at Meyer Timber as these businesses often have a captive audience so knowing and understanding QLD Frame & Truss fraternity is paramount for our future success in QLD. Over the coming months we look forward to meeting with FTMA QLD members……..and like my daughters new tall friend we know we are “the new guys”.

Enquiries to make contact with Kent and the QLD team can be made by contacting Kent Powell – or for now through the Sydney Office (02) 4726 5900.

The Meyer Timber Team