This piece was written and provided by the Timber Framing Collective.

To build a home is to build a future. And if we’re to dream of a brighter future, we must take care of the home we all share—Earth. It’s time to work with nature and embrace the natural wonders of timber framing.

The world is counting on people like us to help it focus on building materials that protect and preserve our planet. Quite literally growing on trees, Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ is sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and organic. It’s one of the world’s oldest resources, and it’s where our future lies.

It’s time to bring people back to timber framing and share how working with this natural resource helps tackle climate change.

Download videos, brochures, social content and more

To help our industry promote timber framing, the Timber Framing Collective has released an entire suite of resources that share the environmental and practical benefits of Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™.

Research showed that almost 80% of prospective clients want to know about green building materials from suppliers. These new resources equip fabricators and the entire supply chain to educate consumers on timber framing’s green credentials and bring people back to this easy-to-use and sustainable building material. The resources are completely free to download, and include videos, brochures, fact sheets, social assets, posters, email banners, installation certificates, merchandise and more.

By sharing this content as your own, you can take a position of leadership as an organisation who understands the importance of promoting building materials that help tackle climate change.

Sharing the resources across every touchpoint

The resources are available for anyone in the entire industry and can be used however and whenever suits each organisation.

  • Videos can be shared digitally, embedded into presentations, displayed on websites and played on monitors in display suites.
  • Brochures and factsheets (printed and digital) can be given to prospective clients.
  • Social assets can be shared across multiple social platforms.
  • Posters and merchandise can be used and displayed in offices, display rooms and at worksites.
  • Product care brochures and installation certificates can be given to new homeowners.
  • Email banners can be used on all emailed content to support the campaign.

Remember to link to the new Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ website when sharing content digitally and tag all social posts with @renewabletimberframing and #timberframingtur.

Let’s share this important message far and wide

One tree is strong, but a forest is mighty. As well as sharing the content as your own, you can support the campaign by encouraging your network to do the same and liking, commenting on and/or sharing the assets when promoted on social media by other organisations, like the Timber Framing Collective and the Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ brand.

Let’s encourage Australians to choose timber framing, the eco-friendly choice, and help build a better future for the next generation.

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