Over the past few months, I have received so many calls from members who want to talk about a range of issues, however, most simply want to talk and know if they are the only ones dealing with the shortage or who struggles to find workers and of course they are reassured they are definitely not alone.

With continued threats of border closures and so much uncertainty around face-to-face meetings or large gatherings, we have decided to hold individual state/territory monthly zoom meetings for fabricator members.

These meetings will allow fabricators to discuss their local markets and other issues they wish to raise about the sector as well as keep in touch and support one another through these stressful times.

Minutes will be kept for every State / Territory Fabricator zoom meeting and if there are particular issues fabricators want addressed, we will coordinate relevant experts to present on the issue in a webinar later that month.

We understand everyone won’t be able to make the meetings every month, but with minutes distributed after the meeting it will ensure everyone is up to date on the discussions and issues facing our sector.

It was recommended that we run the meetings monthly, however we will monitor how they go, depending on fabricator participation.

More information on the fabricator zoom meetings and upcoming webinars will be emailed to members shortly, however, in the meantime, if you have any questions or recommendations, please email me at kersten@ftma.com.au

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