Given the amazing funds raised by FTMA Australia at the National Conference for Jodi and the interest from members in her trip, I thought it was worth letting you know that they Jodi and her family started as a family and finished as a family.  Jodi said it was an amazing experience and particularly so because she got to share it with her family.

In total Jodi completed 1,331kms of cycling, 14,494m of elevation (that’s a lot for non-cycling folk), 55.5 hours on the bike over 9 days, lowest temp of -1, and most importantly $33,500 was raised by the Harris family.

The Harris family were honoured during the tour and awarded the Green jersey for raising Awareness, by spreading the word to the younger generation.

At the finish line in Geelong on Saturday 12th May, Dean Ashton of FTMA Bronze Sponsor, Simpson Strong-Tie was there to greet Jodi as he himself is an avid bike rider (pictured right).

After meeting Jodi Harris at the FTMA Conference this year and then again at the finish of her massive ride last week, Dean has decided that this year he will put his cycling to good use and he will be participating in a 4 day charity ride in Tasmania from 14th to 18th November.

The ride Dean has signed up for is the Peter Mac ride which will be 4 days of riding down the east coast of Tasmania from Devonport to Hobart.  This will cover a distance of around 460km with over 5000m altitude gain.  In addition to the riding he will also visit schools along the way to promote the “Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy” program.

Dean has committed to raising $4000, so if you would like to sponsor Dean or assist in anyway in promoting his upcoming ride, his details can be found via the button below.