Kent Powell Meyer Timber National Sales & Marketing Manager says……..” BRACE YOURSELF” for something new!!!!!

We have experienced some amazing innovation across many facets of our industry, in manufacturing, timber products, software & more, it’s great! Some of the moves are so advanced that in Australia we now set a high expectation on the need for “Wow factor” when it comes to something new, don’t just mildly please me….I want to be blown away with the next best thing thank you very much!

This has made me think about some of the small changes that I would not call innovation but more organic evolution resulting in, “just a bloody good idea”. Our market has trends and these trends can often migrate into a new normal, but we so often apply our old solutions to these new trends and we just seem to deal with it and accept it for what it is….what does my 10 year old daughter say………“is what it is dad”. 😊

I don’t think I’m telling anyone in this forum anything new when I talk about the notable trend in new wall heights at 8 and a half feet (showing my vintage) or 2500mm walls. At Meyer Timber we call them the “inbetweener”, In between the old 8 and 9 foot ceiling. This wall height has meant for a new love affair with sourcing stud lengths from 2450mm to 2550mm DTL and solutions using 5.1m framing to reduce waste, no “WOW” factor but just a bloody good practical idea rather than docking 2.7m lengths creating excessive waste that you and your client pay for.

At Meyer Timber we have now learnt from the trend of the mid height wall and adapted the stud length solution mentality to our Egger OS Brace Range expanding our range to now offer four heights resulting in lower cost & less waste either in your factory or on site……😊

Meyer Timber East Coast OS Brace Range

Meyer Timber have partnered Egger in the Australian Market since their infancy in 2007 and we look forward to distributing “OS Brace”, the proven Brace of CHOICE into the future.

  • For a full comprehensive version of the OS BRACE technical guide speak to you Meyer Timber Representative.

Meyer Timber National Sales & Marketing – Kent Powell.

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