FTMA Australia is so excited with the launch of The Timber Framing Collective who is responsible for the marketing of timber framing in Australia.

The reason we are excited is that so many within the supply chain including Australian Sawmillers, importers, industry associations, building products suppliers and treatment suppliers have all come together, ensuring all within the supply chain has a voice.

This is not about Aussie vs Imported timber, this is simply about bringing the whole industry together to promote, establish and consolidate Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ as the leading building materials brand in Australia for residential construction.

Why do we need a collective?

It goes without saying we are louder as one voice and together, the Australian timber framing industry is stronger as a collective.

We must put timber in the frame which is something fabricators do daily as you manufacture products that store carbon for life and of course fabricators can print the carbon calculator on all plans to show the client how much carbon is stored in the structural timber of their project.

It’s important that we work collectively, because, if we’re to have a future on this planet, the world needs to ensure people are using resources that are renewable, carbon neutral, non-toxic, recyclable, and natural.

A timber frame is the backbone of a home. And we’re the backbone of the timber framing industry – here to provide strength and support when it’s needed most. One tree is strong. But when we are a forest, we are mighty.

How the collective works.

In a supply chain that boasts many branches, we believe simplicity is the root of success.

That’s why we created the Timber Framing Collective, to provide a focal point for all things related to timber framing.

Our brand engages with industry and stakeholders to speak with a single, unified voice to communicate the structural, economic, renewable, and social benefits of timber framing.

Putting timber in the frame.

Timber is in the DNA of Australian homes. It’s a living reminder of the connection we feel to the world around us and the duty we have to help preserve it for future generations. Timber framing is strong, versatile and, most importantly of all, endlessly renewable.

The Timber Framing Collective exists to make sure those messages are heard loud and clear.

Find out more on the new website timberframingcollective.com.au

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