As experts in the Construction and Wood industries, we are proud to provide high quality, locally accredited products to general builders, construction sites, carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers as well as shop fitters and kitchen manufacturers. With a highly experienced engineering team, Wurth offer support to engineers, planners, architects and specifiers with all Anchor Technology related topics and requests.

Our constantly growing high quality product range is tailored to the specific requirements of this industry. Innovative and technologically advanced system solutions allow our business partners to optimise their productivity and profitability while focusing on their actual core business.

Consulting and supplying construction customers with high quality products and innovative system and service solutions has been our purpose since Wurth started business in 1945. Founded as wholesale company for screws, nuts and bolts in post-war Germany, high product demands led to a rapidly expanding construction product range, which globally amounts to more than 120,000+ articles.

Our recently launched the Wurth ASSY® SK & VG Timber Screw Range are high performance screws for demanding timber connections.


Wurth ASSY® 3.0 high performing timber screws provide exceptional hold down capacities in various timber thicknesses and types (Solid, particle board, OSB, CLT, GLULAM).

ASSY® screw sizes range from 6mm and above and exceed the performance requirements of AS1720.1 ‘Timber structures – Design Methods” and AS1684.2 “Residential timber-framed construction.’

As a unique feature, this screw range has a comprehensive European Technical Approval/ Assessment (ETA) for detailed performance information, quality assurance and installation instructions.

The Wurth ASSY® SK Timber Screw offer superior pull-through capacity, thanks to its larger washer head. In addition to its advanced performance, the patented Wurth ASSY thread design range offers world class installation ease and accuracy.

The benefits…

  • The AW drive system increases accuracy of installation, extends bit life and reduces damage to the screw coating during installation.
  • A counter thread at the screw tip to reduce timber splitting.
  • A Shank mill to reduce the load required to install the screws which increases overall tool life.
  • A Hexavalent Chromium (CR6+) free coating, eliminating the exposure to the installer.

The Wurth ASSY® 3.0 SKII Timber Screw incorporates all the benefits of the ASSY 3.0 Timber screw with the additional feature of a countersinking washer head. Once installed, the head is flush with the timber surface whilst still providing even distribution of force on the timber.


ASSY® Plus VG is an all-purpose, premium symmetrical full thread screw for high load bearing capacity.

Wurth ASSY Plus VG Full Thread Screws are designed to be used in traditional timber construction and in engineered timber construction such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Glue Laminated Timber (GLT). These building techniques are growing with popularity particularly within the housing industry.

Due to the suitability of high load bearing joints, the Wurth ASSY Plus VG Full Head Screws have the capacity to replace traditional U and multi-grip brackets. The amount of screws required can also be reduced.

Without the need to use a fixed bracket, the Wurth ASSY Plus VG Screws provide a more versatile approach to fixing timber. The screw is an economical approach with savings on brackets, nails and particularly labour spent on installation time.

An 8mm diameter or greater ASSY PLUS VG screw complies with all of the requirements of AS1684.2 – ‘Residential timberframed construction’ for any connections requiring a 14 gauge type 17 tip screw.

ASSY PLUS VG screws exceed the fastener design parameter requirements of AS1720.1-2010 and the pre-qualification requirements of EN 1995-1-1.

For more information about Wurth Australia’s range of ASSY® SK & VG Screws, please visit our eShop or contact 1300 65 77 65.

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