Just a quick reminder that in August or early September all fabricators will receive an email containing a number of questions as part of the Australian Frame & Truss Industry Census.

As explained in the last edition of FTMA News, a Census provides critical resource that offers invaluable insights into how communities and industries are changing, ‘It is more than just a set of numbers and tables, census data tells us a powerful story about people and places.’

This information helps Government decide how they are going to allocate funding to industries to further growth and development.

We are in the process of finalising our update of the National Database which outlines where all the plants are located and who the correct contacts are, however, the Industry Census will seek information on a number of key issues such as:

  • Employment numbers
  • Gender Employment
  • Indigenous Employment
  • Formal training being undertaken
  • Informal training being undertaken

This aggregated data will help us create a true profile of our industry that will in turn help each and every fabricator access funding for training, optimisation or safety initiatives.  Again, I repeat this is not about FTMA gathering unnecessary information but about creating an effective profile of our industry that you can use to grow your business.

Individual company information will not be shared with ANYONE.  The information will be used as aggregated data but we need to paint an overview of the regions, states and national industry to help us attract much needed funds to our sector.

FTMA Australia will not be undertaking the Industry Census ourselves, as we have chosen to engage an independent firm to specialises in this area and who will be able to collate the information in to a document for all in the industry.

We strongly urge all fabricators, members or not to participate as this aggregated data will help every fabricator pursue funding for the many beneficial government programs on offer.

If you have any questions please call me directly on 0418 226 242 otherwise, we hope you understand the importance of gathering this information and just like my database has never been shared, either will any of the individual information. I guarantee you that!