Vekta Razer Saw – Sydney Frames & Trusses

“The speed and volume of components cut by the Razer in one shift is impressive, accuracy of components cut as well as the checking system to ensure the operator loads the correct timber size is a great quality control measure.”

For Sydney Frames and Trusses the need to increase their production capabilities was paramount. The choice of automated machinery to use was easy- the Vekta Razer Saw. Nathan Salama, Production Manager, has been so impressed with the quality of the equipment, the customer support received and the capabilities the Razer has to increase production efficiency and minimize downtime that he has recently ordered a second Razer system. “Based on previous purchases and a comparison we have made with machinery in the industry, we found the Razer to be a superior product compared to our previous linear saws used in the past. Alternative machines we have used had issues such as constant breakdowns, too sensitive and slow performance which impacted the effectiveness of our team,” Salama reasoned.

The Razer has not only brought benefits to the production side of Sydney Frame and Trusses but has also had a positive response from their end users thanks to the P3 printer, “the printing system the Razer offers is effective for our staff producing a finished product as it shows component locations, therefore increasing the speed of production and assisting new staff members to adapt quickly. We’ve found that carpenters onsite prefer this way of printing on the timber as it helps them locate different panels faster and in a more effective way.” Vekta’s P3 printer prints in real time high resolution without the need to slow down the saw and can print an ever increasing variety of information such as; company names, nail plate locations, camber detail and stud type and length details.

Customer support was another consideration Nathan Salama analysed before purchasing the Vekta Razer. Vekta’s online help system, Vekta Rescue and an online ticketing system allows issues to be expediently attended to and can be tracked by the plant, “when issues tend to arise, the new system allows us to quickly alert the team to have things resolved rapidly. This form of interaction is especially useful as it creates less down time.” Salama has also been impressed by the technical knowledge and efficiency of the Vekta support team; “after a brief phone call, a technician remotely logs into the machine to rectify the issue. This process has been great, the technicians have been extremely helpful in answering questions on product knowledge and resolving our issues in a timely manner.”

Sydney Frame and Trusses had their first Vekta Razer installed in early 2016. The second Razer was ordered in March this year and, due to improved processes and efficiencies in Vekta’s manufacturing production, it will be up and running in mid-May. Salama is eagerly anticipating its arrival, “the quality of the product is essential to our daily operations. We consider the Razer to be faster, more efficient, easy to use and train new employees and are very happy with our purchases and the support of the team at Vekta.”