We thank our industrial relations experts at TTIA for providing the following information on upcoming public holidays.


Anzac Day this year is a public holiday in NSW, SA, VIC, QLD and TAS on

Saturday 25 April, with no substitute day on the following Monday.

In the ACT, even though the legislation says there is no public holiday on a Monday if Anzac Day falls on a Saturday, this year the ACT government has proclaimed that Monday 27 April will be an additional holiday. WA will also celebrate both days as public holidays as in previous years.


Payment for full-time employees working non-standard hours

Should a situation arise where a full-time employee works a non- standard

38 hour week. For instance, where an employee works Monday-Thursday their full 38 working week and Friday is a public holiday, they will still be entitled to payment for the public holiday under the terms of the Timber Industry Award.

The employee doesn’t normally work on the Friday so why should they receive an extra payment?  Answer is, it’s in the award and the award at times doesn’t pass the commonsense test and lacks logic.

Members are advised to just be wary of this provision. Remember it doesn’t apply to part-time employees where they don’t normally work on a particular day upon which a public holiday falls but does apply to full-time employees working a non-standard 38 hour week.  This is a critical distinction.