This week, FTMA had another meeting with Worksafe Victoria and Paul Williams of Creation Homes who is also a member of the Victorian Volume Home Builders Safety Alliance to continue discussions on a range of issues including Delivery to Top Plate and Fall Protection for Windows in frames.

The meeting was extremely productive, and I personally am looking forward to working on finding a solution to these two issues which will improve safety and ensure everyone is operating on the same platform.

During the meeting, Paul was kind enough to share some of the training materials on safety used by Creation Homes including a fantastic Master Builders Association safety video on using nail guns.

The video obviously focuses on framing on the building site and my first thought was they should save themselves times and order prefabricated frames which would ensure they don’t use treated and non-treated products mixed together and they’d end up with a quality product!

Then I remembered this was about safety, not about increasing our market share!

The video is fantastic, and it got myself thinking that it would be a great idea to generate a wide range of 3 minute safety induction videos for various equipment that FTMA Members could use.  As it was pointed out at the meeting, reading material is one thing but seeing a short video showing the best business practices is way more effective both in time and retention of knowledge.

FTMA Training Officer, Phil Ladson believes the video followed by a short game of Kahoot would be the perfect induction for plants for new staff.  We believe video and Kahoot challenge which is a quick questionnaire of what they have seen, recording their answers, would take no more than 5 minutes for each piece of equipment.

FTMA Australia will explore this further, however, in the meantime, this video on nail gun safety from MBA is a great start and if you don’t have any induction for nail guns, perhaps look at the documents/safety alerts in the Creation Homes link for inspiration to create your own documents.

Creation Homes Link