Phil & Jane McCormack, along with Glenn Lawrenson, Nick Arfaras and the team have been flat out during the pandemic and are pleased to have welcomed back many fabricators chasing quality hardwood products.

McCormack Hardwood Sales (MHS) was formed in 2001 and have passionately been supporting the frame and truss sector ever since. 

Phil of course, is no stranger to the frame and truss industry supporting the then, RTWFA Victoria and when there was talk of a National Association being formed, his support did not faulter.  In fact, he was an inaugural board member of FTMA and remained on the board for ten years, only leaving in 2017 when FTMA became a fabricator only board.

Over the years, there is no doubt that some fabricators turned to other timber products, however, once again F17 hardwood, whether glulam or solid timber, is in high demand and fabricators can be assured, MHS can meet all their hardwood needs for manufacturing.

Unlike the softwood sector, whICH has been hit hard during the pandemic, locally sourced hardwood has continued to be sustainably sourced to meet the increasing demand due to the housing boom.

Hardwood though isn’t the only product we sell with Magnum Board being well received by the industry for its technologically advanced, high-quality Magnesium Oxide Board providing superior performance when compared to traditional wood fibre, gypsum, and cement-based products.

Magnum Board is fully supported by independent test data and history of use in these categories:

  • Interior wall & ceiling lining
  • Interior panelling
  • Tile backer
  • Flooring underlay
  • Fire rated walls and linings
  • Wet areas
  • Exterior cladding
  • Exterior panelling
  • Rigid air barrier
  • Foreverbreathe™ Wall Systems
  • SIP panels
  • Print

L-R: Matt Leplaa, Glenn Lawrenson, Nick Arfaras and Phil McCormack

Magnum Board ticks all the boxes of importance to sustainable development. It allows wall systems to breathe, helping to create good indoor air quality. Its composition is engineered to eliminate the toughest construction problems: fire, water, insects, humidity, mould, poor air quality, bracing, mildew, impact, and toxins. Literally billions of dollars are spent every year as a result of damage and health impacts caused by these problems. It is a Health Based Building Product completely free of toxins. It has been subjected to some of the toughest building materials testing regimes. Such as UL 2000-hour freeze thaw test simulating 20 years of wear and tear in all climatic conditions and AC386. It is dimensionally stable in freeze, thaw, heat, and humidity cycles. Excellent adhesion properties allow fantastic finishes with paint, stucco, wallpaper, stone, tile, brick, HPL, timber veneer and much more. Overall installation and life cycle costs ensure Magnum Board is very competitively priced due to its high resilience to all conditions and ‘one product fits all’ positioning. It is both easy and very safe to install.

McCormack Hardwood Sales supplies quality hardwood products and magnum board throughout Australia, so give us a call and let us help meet all your manufacturing needs.

For further information please contact Phil, Glenn, Nick or Matt on 03 9701 2777 or you can call our NSW Sales Manager, Andrew Dawson on 0418 996 965.

To learn more about McCormack Hardwood Sales or view our products please visit:

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