When it comes to telecommunication needs the tension in the body rises as dealing with the Telco giants is a stressful process and too often, even after spending precious time, you still are left with no answers.

The NBN is a whole new drama and when FTMA transferred to the new system, our troubles continued so it was refreshing to hear of a good news story.

Roy Edwards of Heyden Frame & Truss told me of a company who not only streamlined the NBN connection but assisted with all their company’s telecommunication needs without waiting on hold for hours.

So, whilst I was visiting the NSW Central Coast I caught up with Jamie at Central Connect to see if they could offer services to help our National Membership.  So, who are Central Connect?

Central Connect is a leading Telco Services specialist and even though they may be small, they are a highly skilled team with a passion for Telecommunications and years of experience who take pride in giving the personal service and customer care that business deserve.

Central Connect is constantly developing and sourcing the latest in communications technology and the staff to support its business. Central Connect is also constantly adapting its products and services to meet the demand of our customers.

They specialise in providing a competitive packaging structure, tailored to your business needs. To deliver maximum cost reduction and efficiently and streamline your business communications.

Upon your decision to partner with Central Connect you will immediately receive:

  • Access to the most up to date technology.
  • The support of unparalleled service to allow you more time to manage your business.
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Competitive rates for maximum cost-effectiveness.
  • Online Account Management Portal available 24/7 where you can track your bills using real time
  • The peace of mind that you will never have to line up in a call centre phone queue again.

The last point of having that peace of mind that you don’t have to deal with the big Telco’s was a winner in my eyes.  Furthermore, at Central Connect they offer competitive rates on all business required services to keep your company running smoothly. We offer services such as

  • SIP lines
  • NBN voice and broadband bundles starting from $69.95 for unlimited data
  • Mobile phone and broadband plans
  • Ethernet connections
  • State of the art Handset systems to accommodate for multiple sites at different locations
  • 24/7 IT support

There are a few fabricators who have been caught out after connecting to NBN only to find out their phone systems don’t work resulting in thousands of dollars wasted as well as disruption to your business.  Central Connect will do this for you.  They are all over what issues you may face and are there to ensure your business does not lose service or have downtime because of the necessary changes.

It was reassuring to ring their office and speak to a real person, not someone in a different country but someone who understands Australian business needs.

If members want to contact them, please call Jamie at the Tuggerah office on (02) 4355 4844 or their customer support number on 1800 426 855.