Today a memory popped up in my private Facebook account that said:

Dated 31 Aug 2012 – True respect and appreciation is worth more than money when it comes to your job. It’s amazing how a board full of men can make you feel so wanted, so respected and so damn appreciated. Thanks, FTMA

I spoke to Phil McCormack who was one of the board members back then and thanked him again for his support throughout the years. This sentient isn’t just for the previous board, but for every board that has existed in my 13 years.

Living with daily chronic pain associated with Fibromyalgia is hard, however, when it became too difficult to manage in 2018, the FTMA board supported me going to four days per week.  Having my office at home also allows for flexibility to fit in my hours.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few other health issues of late and spent last week in hospital, and it is reassuring that the FTMA Board always steps up where needed during these difficult times.

Too often, people only tell people things when they are unhappy.

Today, 10 years after my initial thank you, I’d like to once again thank every single board member who has served on the FTMA board. Your passion and commitment to the advancement of the timber frame and truss industry is the reason FTMA continues to grow.

Kersten Gentle

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