Hi there FTMA members. I was asked just recently in an article for Timber Trader News how does Meyer Timber share our knowledge of the uses and advantages of Engineered Wood with industry? Thankfully I had an answer to such an open and broad question and it had been in in play for a number of years now.

ATT FTMA members………

Re-Introducing “InDetail” tadaaaaaaaaa!

Some of you, I am sure are already part of the industry CULT FOLLOWING that is, the “InDetail” monthly email blast by Meyer Timber Principal Engineer, Mr George Dolezal.

“InDetail” is now up to issue number 68 “not out” so this has us well past the 5 year mark now and we are yet to be told to go away 😊. There are over 300 detailers, designers, engineers, builders who receive “InDetail” every month (even some competitors, we know who you are, it’s all in the analytics).  So what is “InDetail”? It is a look from an engineering perspective on trending topical design issues within the building industry with particular reference to our sector Frame and Truss fabrication… and yes of course we have a commercial flavor of all things Meyer Timber because…….well it’s ours and we can. 😊 View the latest issue of “InDetail” here!

Four and half years in means that some topics are covered off numerous times, rehashed if you will and hence, we have broadened “InDetail” to also be product specific focused with reference to new design guides for example.

Topics we have covered in the past:

  • Cassette Design
  • Wind Beams
  • Product Compliance
  • High Load Transfers
  • Residential Portal Frame Design
  • Wall Tie Down
  • “Opps I did it again” – Not the raging Britany Spears chart topper but on site solutions to builder install errors
  • Changes to the NCC
  • Durability Detailing
  • Loading and Deflection
  • Flood Prone Timber
  • Screw Connections
  • Mass Timber
  • We also do project profiles that customers are happy for us to share

George (right) is now joined by Mr Afzal Laphir (far right), Principal Engineer based in our Melbourne branch means we will be getting topics brought to the table from his wealth of experience with Pryda. However, Afzal should be made aware that the InDetail XMAS competition will remain near and dear to George for reasons closely associated with his local Dan Murphy’s outlet.

We are now also contributing to Timber Trader News with the “Timber Noggins” article also written by George and Afzal that you would see kicking around the offices of many industry businesses on coffee tables and in reception waiting rooms, also available on TTN online.

With the FTMA News Online monthly distribution also providing us our most captive relevant audience (in my opinion), we would welcome design and product topics from you the member with wide spanning open arms, that we can respond to on these industry platforms. We promise minimal deflection of the most challenging questions!

Sorry I have an 8 and 10 year old, so Dad Jokes are now part of my life. 😊

Please email myself kentp@meyertimber.com.au or georged@meyertimber.com.au to be added to “InDetail” data base, or to throw any topic challenges our way to be answered by the Meyer Timber Engineering team.

I thought I would leave a final quote by John Wooden that we can all apply not only in Design but from our front gate to the back gate and everything in between in our businesses.