FWPA is hosting a series of five webinars to help explain the recent changes in supply and demand for timber products, both internationally and domestically. This webinar series will draw on significant industry expertise to discuss the current situation as well as the timber market outlook.

Part 1: Key trends in European timber markets with Kurt Schrammel

Unfortunately this was held yesterday, however, I have no doubt if you are interested in what Kurt had to say that you could contact him direct as his knowledge of the international timber markets and the forecasts for the next six to twelve month is excellent.

Speaker: Kurt is the Managing Director of Vida Australia. Vida is a global supplier of manufactured products from sustainable Swedish forests. The group employs 1,250 people in 22 production plants, including twelve sawmills. The operations are strategically located close to forest landowners in the counties of Småland, Skåne and Västra Götaland in Sweden. Production is mainly focused on structural timber for a variety of global markets. Seventy-five percent of Vida’s sawn wood products are exported to Europe, USA, Australia, Africa and Asia. Vida is a subsibiary of Canfor– the 2nd laregest sawmilling group in the world.

Part 2: The wild North American lumber market dynamics with Russ Taylor (9:30am-10:30am, Wednesday 30 June)

A look at the demand drivers in the US and why the supply base in the US and Canada can’t keep up. This is increasing offshore exports from Europe to US, as soaring prices have lured more supply from Europe and this has siphoned volume away from China and Australia. Reduced log and sawnwood exports from the US and Canada are also impacting markets like China. This complex global shuffle of supply during a period of wild demand, as well as the short-term outlook, will be discussed in more detail. 

Speaker: Russ Taylor is the President at Russ Taylor Global, which conducts wood products market analysis/intelligence and business assessment/investment analysis on timber/lumber for global industry clients. He (normally) travels extensively to key producing, exporting and importing countries in China, Asia, Russia, Europe, the Southern Hemisphere and within North America to obtain first -hand insights.

Part 3: Timber usage in residential construction with Jim Houghton (11:00am-12:00pm, Monday 5 July 2021)

A major market for timber and engineered wood products is new home construction. However, it is unclear the quantity of wood products and the specific application in new house construction.

FWPA data aggregation program has robust monthly information of the type of softwood products sold each month. Understanding the end use markets including application in new house construction has been limited.

Research projects have been undertaken in the past to assess the timber usage based on an assessment of the bill of materials of model homes built by project home builders. Jim will provide a presentation on his work.

Speaker: Jim is an industry consultant who, until recently, has managed FWPA’s Statistics and Economics Program to provide improved coordination and better systems for data collection and analysis of industry production and trade activity.

Jim has a background in economics and statistical analysis and 15 years’ experience as a senior manager, in the industry.  He holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and has worked in various roles within the forest and wood products industry, including as CEO of Alpine MDF and as a director of Vicforests.

Part 4: Australian timber market dynamics with Tim Woods (11:00am- 12:00pm, Wednesday 7 July 2021)

Tim will provide analysis on the Australian timber market experience, the international context, and price and supply expectations.

Speaker: Tim Woods is Managing Director of IndustryEdge. Tim has more than 25 years expertise in the fibre, wood products and pulp and paper industries. He has a solid background in research, policy, strategy and project management.

Part 5: Perspectives and projections with Tim Reardon-Immediately followed by industry supply chain panel (11:00am – 12:00pm Monday 12 July 2021)

Tim Reardon will provide his perspective on the current and future current market dynamics as it relates to the Australian home building industry. This will be followed by an industry panel of representatives from HIA and across the timber supply chain which will provide an update on their experienced market conditions, followed by opportunities for questions from the audience.

Speaker: Tim has an extensive background in economics and industry policy.  He was the Executive Director of the National Generators Forum, representing electricity businesses through the introduction and repeal of the Carbon Price. He was also responsible for policy for the Federal Chamber of Automotive industries. Tim has also worked for the HIA as the Executive Director (Tasmania) and in Government Relations before joining HIA Economics in 2017.

Immediately following Part 5, will be a discussion on current market conditions, supply chain, domestic and imported (Monday 12 July 2021)

An industry panel of representatives from businesses from across the timber supply chain will provide an update on their experienced market conditions, followed by opportunities for questions from the audience.

 Confirmed Participants:

Tim Reardon- Chief Economist, HIA

Christine Flanagan- Director, Calco Trusses & Timber

Tom Griffiths- Interim Chief Financial Officer, Porter Davis

Tristan Zhou- Managing Director, Simmons Lumber

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