This rant was written by FTMA’s Kersten Gentle.

Reflecting on the discussions since last year’s Annual General Meeting, a few voices have suggested that FTMA might be veering towards corporate-heavy board representation. This perspective, while understandable, doesn’t quite capture the full picture.

Celebrating my 15th year with FTMA this month, it’s notable that the presence of corporate figures on the board isn’t new. For clarity, when I refer to a ‘corporate’, I’m talking about either an ASX-listed entity or a Company operating more than 10 facilities.

We acknowledge the necessity for revising our outdated Constitution. Our efforts are currently directed towards introducing a revamped set of bylaws this September, proposing a more manageable and effective cap of 9 board members, down from the unwieldy 15.

A particular focus of mine has been to propose a limit on the number of corporate representatives allowed on the board at any one time. This ensures that the essence of FTMA remains faithfully with the smaller, family-run businesses that represent the majority in our sector.

The selection of our board members rests squarely on the shoulders of our members. They decide their representation, and it’s my ambition to ensure that our impending constitution reflects our allegiance to every fabricator, irrespective of size.

My unwavering commitment to our small and medium-sized fabricators remains firm. The majority of our efforts and resources are tailored for these members, recognizing that they represent the core of our association.

The industry is consolidating more rapidly than anticipated. Nevertheless, my promise to you is that FTMA stands ready to support each of our fabricator members, striving towards a united and potent industry for everyone.

Our inaugural meeting with the new board took place in February, marking the beginning of what promises to be a constructive and inclusive term for all involved. Rest assured, efforts towards refining the constitution are ongoing, and we aim to keep everyone informed as we finalize the details.

Your concerns and inquiries are always welcome; please don’t hesitate to engage with us. Together, we’re working towards a brighter future for all our members.

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