FTMA wants to support our members to become better businesses, which in turn makes them better customers for suppliers and better suppliers to the construction industry, consequently helping grow our markets.

To able to achieve this, we needed more funds to invest in various projects which helps grow and strengthen the professionalism of the timber fabrication market and viability of our members. So, we began to focus on restructuring our sponsorship as our sponsorship levels had not changed, nor had the cost, since our inception in 2007.

This was the biggest change to our association since our inception and a lot of work went into the making this happen.

First, we brought the three-nail plate CEO’s to the table to talk through the key issues they see in our industry, before bringing together all our partners in late November 2022, to again get their feedback and input into the areas we should be focusing on.

After a lot of discussions with all of our partners, board, strategic networks and members, we created a three-year plan, which we believe will allow us to continue to support our members, whilst investing in to future programs which will help grow the sector and our markets.

As a result of the review and the creation of our three-year plan, FTMA has increased our income from partners by 170%, which will allow us to invest more heavily in to your future and these six key areas:

Recruitment & Retention

  • Creating online training with our Designer Short Course
  • Creating job descriptions and job advertisements
  • Continuing FTMA’s Rebuild & Design program.
  • Developing Employee Wellbeing programs
  • Employing a TAE to support fabricators with increased training.

Timber Projects

  • FTMA Strategic Technical Committee
  • Timber Waste program looking at the circular economy.
  • Explore an independent Engineering Testing Panel for inclusion of timber in nail plate software.
  • Develop targets for Timber Social Housing based on Carbon Stored

Forecasts & Data Collection

  • Quarterly Trussted Insight forecasts publications
  • Industry Census*
  • Salary Benchmarking*
  • Australian House Framing & Fabrication Review & Outlook
  • An ongoing quarterly Frame & Truss Sector Outlook (FATSO)

* Industry Census & Salary Benchmarking to occur in alternating years

Building Better Businesses

  • HR Platform for FTMA Members
  • DFV Policy
  • Employee Wellbeing Programs
  • Current Wage Rate & Award Breakdowns
  • Credit Application Forms
  • Mental Health First Aid training
  • Employment Contracts
  • FTMA Safety SOP Videos with FTMA NZ

Carbon Warrior

  • Promoting the environmental benefits of timber offsite fabrication
  • Lobbying for policy changes recognising the benefits of timber
  • Educating builders on Carbon Warrior policy
  • Further developing and promoting the Carbon Warrior program

Resilient Timber Homes Project

  • FTMA is one of two Research Partners for the FWPA Program
  • Investing in this program on behalf of FTMA Members to ensure future resilient timber homes can be manufactured by our sector and are environmentally friendly

I hope you all thank the FTMA Partners for their continued efforts in supporting FTMA Australia, as their support allows us to continue our high quality support of the Australian frame and truss industry.

The FTMA Partners include:

Principal Partners – MiTek, Multinail & Pryda

Strategic Partners – AB Phillips, AKD, Australian Panel Products, Dindas Australia, Meyer Timber, Staxa (Wespine), Timberlink Australia, Vekta Automation & Vida Wood Australia

Supporting Partners – Bliss & Reels, Combilift, Daw Trading, Hundegger Australasia, Hyne Timber, Independent Hardware Group, McCormacks Australia, OneFortyOne Wood Products, Pinewood Products, Programmed Timber Supplies, Roadpod, StoraEnso Australia, Tilling Timber & VTW

There’s a lot of work to be done, and I am super excited to begin executing our three year plan, and I hope you are too.

Kersten Gentle

Our Principal Partners