It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in 2020 but what is more amazing, in my opinion, is how well businesses have adapted to the new way of life.

One of these tools, even though definitely not new, are the Webinars.  WoodSolutions of course have done many Webinars throughout the years, however, I believe even they have increased the use of webinars and have been pleasantly surprised by the numbers joining them on their weekly webinars.

In February, FTMA Australia was due to hold their Technical Forum at Holmesglen TAFE which was to focus on Mid-Rise given this is where the WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Model is located.  The idea was for fabricators to be able to move around the model and see how it works firsthand before discussing how it works in our sector.

The Tech Forum will now be put in to a 3 Part Series of Webinars commencing on the first Wednesday of August at 2.00pm and we will finish our August schedule with a focus on Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction.

Wednesday 5th August @ 2.00pm

Part 1 of Mid Rise Tech Series

Overview of Frame & Truss Sector Mid-Rise Program and findings by Alastair Woodard

Live walk around via zoom of WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Model with Laurence Ritchie answering your questions.

Wednesday 12th August @ 2.00pm

Part 2 of Mid Rise Tech Series

Overview of Lightweight Timber Mid-Rise Systems discussing Structural Systems, fire separation, acoustics, panelisation and prefabricated supply by WoodSolutions Dean Ashton

Lightweight Mid-Rise Timber Systems – utilisation and manufacture including floor cassettes, wall systems, roof, lift and stair-based shafts by nail plate representative.

Wednesday 19th August @ 2.00pm

Part 3 of Mid Rise Tech Series

Panel Presentation by fabricators who have completed Mid-Rise jobs with lightweight framing and cassettes (Fabricators TBC)

The Mid-Rise Buildings which have been completed within our sector focusing on the builder’s opinions on the ease of construction and assembly (Builder TBC)

Wednesday 26th August @ 2.00pm

Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction

Bruce Wallace of The Truss Joint in conjunction with Tim Rossiter of MiTek will explore the options of Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction.

To register for the upcoming Webinars, please complete the registration form via the button below and the necessary login details for Zoom will be sent to you closer to the Webinar.

Please note that the 3 Part Series for Mid-Rise is open to all Australian timber fabricators and FTMA supplier members/sponsors, however, the Converting Steel to Timber in Residential Construction Webinar is only open to FTMA Members (both fabricators and suppliers).

If you have any  information please give me a call on 0418 226 242 otherwise via email at

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