After the Boom…

Australia’s housing market is headed for its sharpest downturn in decades. Here are some clues about why, when, how bad it might get and what you can do about it.

With Tim Woods of IndustryEdge, August 2022

Which housing market?

In some respects, Australia has two housing markets, one already declining quickly and the other, preparing for a bust.

What are these two markets?

First, there is the market for existing dwellings, which is usually described in terms of house prices, auction clearance rates and rental costs.

Second, there is the new dwelling approval and building market.

Of course, these two markets are connected. Together, they form the total market, but they operate to somewhat separate dynamics and drivers and right now at least, on different timeframes.

Here, we address both these elements of the total market in this analysis, before joining the pieces to provide some insight for the future, on the total market.

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